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There is nothing more gratifying in the fishing world than catching a beautiful fish on your homemade or customized lure. I was growing tired of the same lure selection in all of the "big box" stores. So I thought to myself, "Why not try to create unique lures that actually work?" 

I began creating fishing lures in early 2016 because I have a love for fishing and believed I could paint all different types of lures. So I invite you take a moment to view our wide selection of fish-catching lures we have to offer.

We do Custom Orders and Special requests. Pricing is $15 to $25 per lure. Please allow 3 to 4 extra days for completion on special requests.

Free shipping on orders $75 or more



Any questions or inquiries please send a message or give me call, and remember We do custom orders. Thank you!

Anton Cellerari


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